PR by Venture Hunt

Why Venture Hunt?

We work with you from beginning to end on story development. We help you find the best journalists to reach out to, and handle all pitching and initial communication. We’re on demand, so we send pitches out on your why. More than that, we create relationships between you and journalists that are ever lasting.

PR x VH is the seamless "no-agency" solution.

Normal Cost $500/month, but for a limited time it's FREE thanks to Venture Hunt.

How it Works

01 Call

After you sign up, our PR agent will call you for a 10-minute interview to develop your story for the media.

02 Craft

We craft and send targeted pitches to 40+ reporters. If they are interested in working on the story, we'll put you in touch with them.

03 Coverage

It happens just like that!

Clients have been featured in...


“We were a high school hardware startup; as you can imagine, we were broke. We knew we needed press and every firm we approached was so costly. Thankfully, we find our match, PR X VH. They helped us and got us where we needed to be.”

David Lopez of Spiro X1